We are working hard to bring you a set of exciting creative challenges. These will use the extraordinary people, places, events and ideas of the Age of Revolution as a stimulus for artworks, creative writing and performance.

But for now, why not use our Guide to using museum collections as creative starters or try some of our simple creative activities:

  • Jigsaws – cut up a revolutionary object or image and put it back together
  • Objects personified – using historical objects to fire imaginations…what if it could hear, smell, talk? What might it get up to in its spare time? What secrets might it tell us?
  • Green screening – students use a simple green screen app to transport themselves back in time to a revolutionary event
  • Revolutionary memes – use a simple app to put a modern-day twist on a historical object or image
  • Talking about a revolution – use a simple app to make an object or artwork speak – what might the Waterloo teeth have to say..?

Or simply try making your own Pussy hats