The Age of Revolution (1775 – 1848) was a time of seismic change and upheaval, of extraordinary ideas and innovation and of radical new ways of thinking, living and working.

It saw the transformation of whole nations through the French, American and Haitian revolutions; violent wars around the globe; the industrial and printing revolutions, the birth of the railways and major advances in medicine and science; as well as Chartism, the abolition of slavery, the beginnings of feminism, communism and the suffrage movements – and much more. All of which still impacts on our lives today.

This resource brings together objects and artworks from museums and galleries across the UK, together with fascinating facts, information and curriculum-linked ideas to help bring this extraordinary period to life. All of our learning resources were authored by education specialists and historians.

Organised across four revolutionary themes, the website provides fascinating routes to the past for learners of all ages and connects it with their own lives. Use our guides, activities, enquiries and creative digital making projects to support classroom work, or delve into the object gallery to inspire classroom activities of your own.

We’ll be adding more and more revolutionary items from museums and galleries over the coming months. Why not recommend one to include?