The Age of Revolution resource brings together objects and artworks from museums and galleries across the UK, together with fascinating facts, information and curriculum-linked ideas to help bring this extraordinary period to life. Organised across four revolutionary themes, it provides fascinating routes to the past for learners of all ages and connects it with their own lives.

The Age of Revolution is an educational legacy project from Waterloo 200 Ltd – the official body recognised by the UK government to support the commemoration of the Battle of Waterloo during its bicentenary in 2015 and beyond. Following a successful commemorative programme, including the creation of the original ‘Waterloo 200’ online resource, the Age of Revolution project (2017 to June 2020) is now underway.

The Age of Revolution project aims to broaden and deepen engagement in the subject of Waterloo and the period of revolution in Europe between 1775 and 1848, engaging actively with over 2,000 UK schools, from across the educational spectrum, in the process. This is through the provision of bespoke educational materials, multimedia technology and partnerships in the educational and cultural landscape so as to broaden the concept of education and form an education offering suited to all key stages, whilst promoting the evolution of our nation’s collective creative culture.

Partners and funders

The Age of Revolution programme content and web resource draws on expertise from a number of individuals and organisations including Culture24, which specialises in digital cultural publishing; the Historical Association and the University of Kent, while 38Digital built the website that houses the materials. Volunteer historians from Waterloo 200 also contributed, as did student ambassadors from the University of Kent. A wide range of museums and galleries across the UK have given valuable access to artefacts as well as wider support. The project is funded by Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

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The original Waterloo 200 web resource, of which this website is the next generation, was a joint project between Waterloo 200, National Army Museum and Culture24. It was built in 2015, funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and the assistance of our other partners, including The Waterloo Association, Waterloo 200’s partner charity.

Project reports