Resource : Cosette Sweeping

Cosette, is a central character in Victor Hugo’s novel, Les Misérables, an epic story with revolution at its very heart. First published in 1862, Hugo’s tale is one of the longest novels in history. It is widely considered to be a masterpiece and has been adapted countless times for stage and screen.

Resource : Artificial leg of Earl of Uxbridge

This is one of three artificial legs made for Henry Paget, Lord Uxbridge, who commanded the British cavalry at the Battle of Waterloo. He was hit on the right knee by a canister shot, after the missile had passed over the neck of Wellington’s horse, Copenhagen.

Resource : Napoleon’s Hat

This hat was worn by the French Emperor Napoleon when he commanded the French Army at the Battle of Waterloo.

Resource : War and the international order

The wars precipitated by the struggles for independence and attempts at empire building that characterise the Age of Revolution, and their impact on the changing world map.

Resource : “Marengo”, Napoleon’s Horse

This is the skeleton of Napoleon Bonaparte’s favourite steed, Marengo. An Arab stallion with a light grey coat, Marengo was a gentle animal, short for a warhorse at 14 hands high (1.4 metres tall at the shoulder). After over 15 years of faithful service, he carried Napoleon for the last time at the Battle of Waterloo.