Our Revolutionary collection brings together objects, artworks, literature, archive materials and songs from museums and galleries across the UK. Each one is supported by information and fascinating facts to help you explore the different themes, people, events and ideas of the Age of Revolution with your students.

The collection is designed to be flexible and can be used to support learning across the curriculum, from stimulating curiosity and supporting historical enquiries to igniting imaginations to inspire writing, artworks and performances and respond to creative challenges. Or simply to provide vibrant and intriguing illustrations of the past.

Our Guides for teachers are full of tips and strategies for using the collection with students of all ages. From tips and strategies for using these extraordinary objects and images to find out about the past, to ideas for creative projects and challenges inspired by the Age of Revolution. Use our guides to inspire and support your planning and make the most of the objects, images and information in the classroom, tailoring activity to your students’ needs.

If you prefer something more specific, try our Enquiries, Activities and Creative challenges, for students of all ages.

All of our learning resources were authored by education specialists and historians.