Peterloo film logo screenshot

Mike Leigh talks about the historical sources for his groundbreaking film Peterloo with his historical adviser, the author and historian Jacqueline Riding, in this snippet from an interview with the Historical Association.

The Historical Association website also offers some intersting resources and insights into the history of radicalism during the Age of Revolution – inlcuding a podcast from Professor Eric Evans who looks at early British radicals from Thomas Paine and Mary Wollenstoncraft to the Peterloo Massacre and the Reform Crisis. You can also discover one of their ‘Classic Pamplets’, Radicalism and its Results, 1760-1837, which explores the origina of the idea of the radical and how the name caught on in the wake of Peterloo.

Visit the website page for more or look at the Historical Association’s subscription offers with many of its articles available to download with membership.