Revolutionary Objects

A portrait of a tall-ship being tugged into a harbour by a small steam ship at sunset.
Delve into our collection of artworks, objects and archive materials about events, people and ideas that shaped our modern world

Revolutionary Themes

Explore the Age of Revolution by theme - from war and the international order through social, cultural, political, economic and technological revolutions

The Age of Revolution Timeline

Journey through 70 years of extraordinary, people, ideas, events and fascinating objects with the Age of Revolution timeline.

Peterloo graphic novel cover

Order your free Schools' Edition of the Peterloo Graphic Novel

A special free schools' edition of the Peterloo graphic novel is available now for use in the classroom.

Mary Wollenstoncraft caricature

Age of Revolution Top Trumps – available FREE to schools

A unique set of Top Trumps featuring 30 radical and revolutionary figures from the Age of Revolution.

“Waterloo Teeth”

Revolutionary Object: Waterloo teeth

This set of dentures is fitted with real human teeth, extracted from the mouths of dead soldiers.