How the Age of Revolution is reported and blogged across the web with links to websites and articles


QA Education Magazine gets behind Age of Revolution animation competition


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The Headteacher Magazine and guide to services and products for UK Schools promotes the Age of Revolution national educational project and animation competition for primary and secondary schools.


The University of Kent Age of Revolution blog


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The University of Kent, partners for the Age of Revolution project, have been blogging about the project and how they are working to spread the word about the teaching and undertsanidng of the history of the Age of Revolution. From visits to exhibitions to the work of the new student ambassasors who are helping to spread the word and collate objects, this is the place to find out about the nuts and bolts of the project and its academic background.


Age of Revolutions – USA


Age of revolutions website screenshot showing illustration of the death of Picton

This interview with the American website ‘Age of Revolutions’, which itself is a fascinating resource developed by a group of American academics with a specialism in the revolutionary period, explores the motivations for our own Age of Revolution website and how it developed from the original Waterloo200 commemoration.  AoR content overseer Anna Husband and AoR lead historian, Ben Marsh answer the questions. “Making the World Over”: An Interview with a New Age of Revolution Digital Resource


Versus History


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Versus History, is a project run by history teachers and editors offering support for teachers and students alike. Their website is packed with podcasts, blogs and all manner of resources including their books. This short blog by Age of Revolution’s Anna Husband is accompanied by a very illuminating podcast (#46) in which Anna discusses a broad range of topics such as the benefits of the website for teachers, the causal factors which catalysed the ‘age of revolution’, the chronology of the period and its enduring legacy and historical significance.


Education Technology


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Education Technology website on how Age of Revolution is using digital artefacts to bring The Age of Revolution to life.


QA Education


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The headteachers magazine, which is a guide to services and products for UK schools, on how the nation is being urged to learn lessons from the Age of Revolution




screesghot from the TES website

Dr Ben Marsh of the University of Kent and the Historical Association’s Ben Walsh on the need for the curriculum to ‘move beyond the wars’.


Ed Quarter


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EdQuarter, the online hub for the UK and international education sector, reports on how we are using museum collections to bring the Age of Revolution to life


Check back for more links as the Age of Revolution project develops and progresses.