Resource : Koenig and Bauer’s steam powered printing press

The industrial printing press was one of the most influential inventions of the Age of Revolution. It allowed thousands of copies of all types of written texts and images to be printed quickly and cheaply. Pamphlets, newspapers, handbills and books could now be mass produced and distributed, spreading news, ideas, political and social campaigns, propaganda, stories, poetry and more.

Resource : Cooke and Wheatstone 5-needle telegraph

In the early 1800s, sending a message over any distance was long-winded. Even with the development of the postal service, messages, letters and important instructions carried on horseback by coach, ships and early railroads could take days – even weeks to reach their destination. A far cry from today’s world of instant messaging and increasingly sophisticated communication technologies – all at the touch of a button. The invention of the electric telegraph transformed world communications. It also marked the first practical use of electricity.

Resource : The Pussyhat

The Pussyhat project is a social movement focused on raising awareness about women’s issues and advancing human rights. Propelled by social media – a revolution in communications – the pussyhat has rapidly become an international symbol for women’s rights, political resistance and collective action.

Resource : The Penny Black postage stamp

The Penny Black postage stamp – the most famous stamp in the world – marked the beginning of a brand new postal system that would transform communication across the country, and go on to sweep the globe.