London Connected Learning Centre worked with the Garden Museum and Year 5 students from  Hill Mead Primary School to make revolutionary digital cookbooks.

Students researched Revolution and climate change, discussed food production and its impact on climate, and worked with the Garden Museum learning kitchen to create revolutionary sandwiches using locally sourced ingredients.

Find out how to make an interactive cookbook here.


1.     Inspiration – what is a revolution?

Students were introduced to the concept of Revolution.

They discussed the Industrial Revolution and its links to climate change.

They looked at objects from our Revolutionary collection including the Boulton & Watt steam engine, The South Wales Industrial LandscapeLocomotion No. 1,  and the Steam-powered printing press.

Climate revolution

Students felt that activism against climate change is one of the most important modern-day revolutions.

school students on a strike for climate

David Tong / CC BY-SA

They discussed how they could make their own contribution to climate change activism through creating Climate revolution cookbooks:

• Where do ingredients come from?
• How can food production contribute to climate change?
• What if we cook with locally sourced ingredients?


2.     Generating ideas

The students visited the Garden Museum, explored the gardens and found out about locally sourced ingredients.

They looked at plants from around the world and how they are used in cooking, as well as exploring the impact of climate change on food production. They also had a chance to learn about the history of the Garden Museum itself, including the stories of the Tradescant family and Captain Bligh who are buried in the museum garden.


3.     Making: revolutionary sandwiches

a selection of plants in pots  student looking at leaves under microscope

students preparing food  students preparing sandwiches

Students made revolutionary sandwiches using locally sourced ingredients including:

• Salad, vegetable and herb plants
• Flour milled at Brixton windmill
• Microgreens from Growing Underground
• Local honey.


4.     Making: revolutionary cookbooks

students working on a tablet at a desk

Students used the ‘Book Creator’ app to make interactive cookbooks. The cookbooks included images, videos, text, sound recording – and, of course, recipes for their revolutionary sandwiches. Find out more about using Book Creator here.


The books created by the students can be found here:

Cookbook 1

Cookbook 2

Cookbook 3

Cookbook 4

Cookbook 5

Cookbook 6

Cookbook 7

Cookbook 8


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