This activity is suitable for students aged 9-14, you can download a free, printable PDF version here.

How do people use Twitter today to raise awareness around an issue or gather support for a campaign? Choose a subject that will resonate with your students such as Animal Rights, Fair Trade or the Me Too campaign against sexual harassment and assault. Look at how campaigners use words, images and hashtags to get the message across. What makes them successful?

The Age of Revolution saw a number of protests and campaigns for political and social change such as:

  • Representation of ordinary workers in parliament
  • Better pay and conditions for workers – including children
  • The repeal of the Corn Laws

Students could adopt the stance of one of the key groups or protagonists such as Dic Penderyn, George Loveless and the Tolpuddle Martyrs or the Chartists. They could write a series of tweets, focusing on key messages, people and events – such as the Peterloo Massacre or the Merthyr Rising – associated with their campaign.

How would they use images from our collection in their tweets?

What would make a good hashtag – short, catchy and to the point?

Who would they tweet ‘at’ to draw them in to support the campaign (e.g. @RealWilberforce, @NorthernStar)?

Don’t forget to stick to the 280 character limit e.g.



Thousands starving in Ireland. Is this the real price of bread in England today @RobertPeel? #NoCornLaws #FreeTrade