Resource : Napoleonic coffin relic for sale

September 28, 2018 - The Chairman

This remarkable object has come up for sale and although beyond our pockets is an interesting item. A relic of the exhumation and return of Napoleon I’s mortal remains from St. Helena to France in 1840. It comprises a piece of mahogany from the outer coffin in which the Emperor was interred in 1821, applied with a […]

Resource : Napoleon’s Hat

This hat was worn by the French Emperor Napoleon when he commanded the French Army at the Battle of Waterloo.

Resource : War and the international order

The wars precipitated by the struggles for independence and attempts at empire building that characterise the Age of Revolution, and their impact on the changing world map.

Resource : Russia against Napoleon by Dominic Lieven

March 6, 2017 - The Chairman

Published by Allen Lane and Penguin Books ISBN: 978-0-141-98460-5 This book was put in my Christmas stocking by my wife and she seldom selects books on Military History as he is fed up with books everywhere in this house. I recently finished the book and I must say I have seldom found a book so […]

Resource : A Strange Tale: Thomas Keneally on the last days of Napoleon

November 4, 2016 - The Chairman

This is an unusual book.  It’s a novel about Napoleon’s exile in St Helena and tells the story of the Ogre’s arrival and stay on the island from the eyes of a young girl who allegedly got to know him well. It’s a charming tale and is really in two parts “Before Lowe” and ” […]