Resource : A pair of ‘Wellington boots’

This pair of boots belonged to The Duke of Wellington, and can be seen at Walmer Castle. They were made by Hoby, some time between 1817 and 1852, of two-piece construction in polished black calfskin with a leather sole.

Resource : Train ticket: Liverpool to Warrington

The advent of steam hauled railways in the 1820s quickly revolutionised passenger travel and the transport of goods across Britain and the wider world. This is an early train ticket for a journey from Liverpool to Warrington.

Resource : Passport Signed by the Duke of Wellington

Travelling in Europe was very popular among the British nobility, gentry, and professionals of the 1700s and 1800s. It became traditional for upper class men and women to embark on a lengthy ‘Grand Tour’ of Europe, where they would experience the languages and history of the continent while showing off their own status and wealth. It was also popular with British artists, writers and thinkers of the time, keen to broaden their experience and exchange ideas – particularly with their counterparts and the new celebrities and centres thrown up by the upheavals of revolution.

Resource : Marengo’s trotters reunited

February 11, 2017 - The Chairman

Recently Christopher Joll, late of The Life Guards, managed to photograph together the two front hooves of Marengo. Both are featured in our 200 objects but they are not together. See  and The photograph shows the hooves and are in size and shape identical although the colour is different, which is normal particularly as […]