Resource : Making the most of a museum or gallery visit

Visits can ignite imaginations, stimulate curiosity and deepen understanding in ways that are meaningful, relevant and often remembered for a lifetime. And they’re great fun! Get the most from your visit with our top tips.

Resource : Carrying out historical enquiries

What are the five steps to carrying out a successful enquiry? Tips and ideas for students of all ages, from asking useful and relevant historical questions - that students will really want to know the answers to, to using historical sources to evidence their own conclusions.

Resource : Reliable evidence?

How reliable are primary sources? Does their meaning change if we know why they were made? What if an artist never even saw the subject they painted..?

Resource : Enquiries

Historical enquiries for all ages exploring the Age of Revolution – from transport, the industrial revolution and Captain Cook’s shopping list, to campaigns, protests, revolutionary ideas and the French revolution.

Resource : Guides

Use these guides to make the most of our Revolutionary collection across the curriculum with students of all ages.

Resource : Activities

Simple ideas, tips and activities for students of all ages, bringing the Age of Revolution to life through revolutionary objects, paintings, letters and songs from museums and galleries across the UK.

Resource : Fascinating facts

Did you know the first known flight to carry people took place nearly 250 years ago, in Paris, in a balloon? Discovering and presenting fascinating facts about the Age of Revolution.