Resource : Abolition of the transatlantic slave trade

From the men, women and children who resisted their enslavement, to the campaigners who fought for its abolition, use a range of sources to find out who fought for the abolition of slavery and some of the tactics they used.

Resource : Migration: why did people move?

From the millions of African men, women and children stolen from their homelands and transported to the Americas, to those moving from rural Britain to the newly industrialised towns and cities, explore the pushes and pulls on the people of the Age of Revolution.

Resource : A transport revolution?

Explore the inventions and discoveries that changed the way people travelled in the early 1800s and assess their impact on people’s lives.

Resource : Enquiries

Historical enquiries for all ages exploring the Age of Revolution – from transport, the industrial revolution and Captain Cook’s shopping list, to campaigns, protests, revolutionary ideas and the French revolution.

Resource : Guides

Use these guides to make the most of our Revolutionary collection across the curriculum with students of all ages.

Resource : Twitter campaigns

How might the Chartists or the Abolitionists have used Twitter in their campaigns for political and social revolution?

Resource : Talking about a revolution

Use a simple app to make an object or artwork speak - what might they have to say about their owner or maker, where they’ve been, what they’ve seen…?