An exhibition celebrating the enduring creative links between Scotland and Italy. Featuring around 40 paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures from the City Art Centre’s fine art collection.

Creative links between Scotland and Italy have existed for hundreds of years. In the 18th and 19th centuries Scottish artists journeyed to Rome and Florence to advance their professional training and career prospects. Throughout the 20th century this pilgrimage to the Mediterranean continued, with art students undertaking travelling scholarships and mature artists finding inspiration in the landscape and culture. Some even settled there on a long-term basis. The flow of people and ideas has also developed in the opposite direction, with Italian immigrant families making their homes in Scotland and contributing to the artistic milieu.

The Italian Connection explores the enduring bond between these two countries, celebrating the ability of art to transcend geographical borders. Drawn from the City Art Centre’s fine art collection, the exhibition covers a range of media from oil painting and drawing to printmaking and sculpture. Featured artists include Allan Ramsay, E.A Walton, F.C.B. Cadell, Joan Eardley, Eduardo Paolozzi and Elizabeth Blackadder.