Would you believe it but another one of these has cropped up in the news. The last one I wrote about some time ago in 2014 had been bought by a South Korean for £1.5m, no doubt to put on President Trump’s head one day!

However the illustration below is a part of our own collection, see http://ageofrevolution.org/200-object/napoleons-hat. The hat, ironically bought yesterday on Waterloo Day

in Lyon, is the one that went for about £300k and has attracted a degree of interest in the media.  Allegedly it was dropped on the battlefield of Waterloo. I guess that will be hard to prove. Apparently there were something like 120 hats which the great man wore but only 19 survive today. The one bought in Lyon has no cockade and from the photographs looks pretty battered; not surprisingly if indeed found on the battlefield.