A unique collection of Napoleonic items is going on show in Paris this week.  Just 20 items including this beautiful glass are to be displayed at a special exhibition at the 3oth edition of the La Biennale Paris.  Its where spectacular items of all sorts of art are purchased. It is “the storehouse of European objets d’art”.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon, only aged 47 has amassed more than 2,000 Napoleonic objects and is one of the most important collectors of the First Empire.  To read more https://www.ft.com/content/fe6e2800-ad0a-11e8-8253-48106866cd8a

He is the special feature of this years Biennale and has clearly made a name for himself as an exclusive collector and to have achieved such a amazing collection at such a young age is extraordinary. Read more about the Paris Biennale see  https://www.labiennaleparis.com/en/exhibition.htm