A still from Age of Revolution’s new animated film made with primary school pupils.

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Need some inspiration for that new 3D printer?

Wondering what you could do with those iPads?

Got a great idea for bringing museum objects to life?

Why not join our Maker Revolution?

The Age of Revolution project is offering funding for an exciting new digital learning opportunity. The project invites schools and cultural organisations to work together and use simple digital tools to produce creative outcomes, responding to the theme of ‘Revolution’.

Successful project applications will be awarded up to £3000.

Find out more and how to apply below


What is the Age of Revolution?

The Age of Revolution (1775 – 1848) was a time of seismic change and upheaval, of extraordinary ideas and innovation and of radical new ways of thinking, living and working. It saw the transformation of whole nations through the French, American and Haitian revolutions; violent wars around the globe; the industrial and printing revolutions, the birth of the railways and major advances in medicine and science; as well as Chartism, the abolition of slavery, the beginnings of feminism, communism and the suffrage movements – and much more.

The Age of Revolution project is a national partnership, using digitised museum and heritage collections from across the UK to bring classroom learning about the people, events and ideas of this exceptional period of history to life.


How do I get involved?

Come up with a simple, creative idea responding to the question:

‘What does revolution mean to me?’

Your partnership’s creative response must:

– Be undertaken by a school and cultural organisation (such as a museum or gallery) working together. You may also like to involve a digital/creative arts partner such as a ‘Maker’ club or digital learning centre.

– Involve working with Museum or Gallery objects or artworks – you can do this through a visit or by using digitised collections.

– Use one or more digital tools such as a tablet, greenscreen, 3D printer, mini-computer (like a Raspberry Pi or micro:bit) or coding

– Utilise digitised collections including examples from our Revolutionary Collection. Cultural organisations might like to suggest revolutionary objects from their own collections to add to our online collection, which is growing all the time (we would welcome these).

– Be shared among your own networks of teachers and other learning professionals, once it’s complete, to actively encourage others to use museum and heritage collections to support creative learning.

Your project must be completed by end of March 2020.


What sort of projects are you looking for?

We are looking for simple, creative ideas to add to our growing bank of learning activities, co-developed with Museum and Learning professionals. These activities model ways of using digital collections to support learning in schools, museums and other learning environments, and bring the theme of Revolution to life.

Your project could respond to a Revolutionary theme such as ‘Women’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Protest’, ‘Transport’, ‘Medicine’. It could be rooted firmly in the Age of Revolution (1775 – 1848), or involve a contemporary perspective. It could have a local, national or global focus.

Take a look at our revolutionary themes here.

It could be a simple revolutionary challenge using a mini-computer, an innovative way to bring paintings to life, a set of remixed and remodelled museum objects using a 3D printer or tablet app – so many possibilities!

It should be simple and replicable in a classroom or museum setting.

We LOVE animation, but this is the one thing we are NOT looking for. Our animated film might provide you with some inspiration though…

Once your project is complete, we will write up your process and publish this along with creative outcomes on our website. These will be fully credited.


Who can apply?

  • Schools and colleges (up to aged 18)
  • Cultural organisations such as museums, galleries, libraries and historic houses
  • Digital learning centres, maker clubs and other organisations involved in cultural or digital learning for children and young people

A lead organisation must make the application on behalf of the partnership. The partnership must include at least one school and one cultural organisation. The partnership should be agreed before the application is made.

We welcome applications from across the UK.

The project is a great way to help students achieve Arts Award or to contribute to Artsmark, STEM, Heritage Schools, Digital Schools and other learning initiatives and projects.


Do I need to be a digital expert?


We can offer technical advice and support.


What does the grant of up to £3000 cover?

  • Transport and costs for cultural visits
  • Teacher cover
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Workshop materials and equipment (including digital)
  • Production costs

We are looking for projects which can provide value-for-money and which can be replicated by others, so would welcome projects which require less than £3000. However, in special cases, some further budget may also be available.


How do I apply?

Please complete the simple form here and submit it by 12th July.

We will need:

  • A brief overview of your project
  • Who is involved in the partnership
  • When you plan to start and finish
  • A brief budget breakdown

Places are limited. We will notify successful applicants by Friday 19th July.

Any questions, please contact the project’s Learning Lead: Anna Husband anna@annahusband.com