This activity is suitable for ages 7 – 14, you can download a free, printable PDF version here.


Working in groups or pairs, give students a set of images from our Revolutionary Collection. They could be from a particular theme, support a classroom topic, or a mixture from each theme to help generally introduce the Age of Revolution. Use the notes that accompany each image to make a set of labels, with the name of the object, event or person and how it/they changed peoples’ lives during the Age of Revolution. Students must match the image to the label. They could use our Revolutionary Collection to help them find the correct answers.

Then give them a label simply stating how the object, event or person impacts on our lives today. Again, they match the label to the correct object. Or ask students to discuss and report to the class how they think it impacts in our lives today.

Older students could use our Revolutionary Collection to make sets of objects and labels for each other to sort, with different groups working in different themes.