Post : Waterloo Descendants Book addition offers link to American Industrial Revolution

A new upload to the Waterloo Descendants Book uncovers the story of a Waterloo veteran with a family link to the American Industrial Revolution Waterloo 200 launched the Waterloo Descendants Book with the online Book Company in 2015 to feature the untold stories of the soldiers who fought at the Battle of Waterloo. Descendants and […]

Post : The News of Waterloo

By chance last week I met the descendant of Lord Harrowby who was the Lord President of the Council at the time of Waterloo and was entertaining the cabinet on the night the news in the hands of Major Henry Percy arrived. Lord Harrowby’s residence was in Grosvenor Square, now No 44 the site of […]

Post : The Waterloo jacket of Thomas Harris

An interesting item has come to the fore, and again on the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. A jacket worn by Thomas Harris – who was Hussey Vivian’s Brigade Major – was bought at auction by his descendants. A very good effort by them – they took it to Cranfield University to see if […]

Object : “Waterloo Teeth”

This set of dentures is fitted with real human teeth, extracted from the mouths of the dead.

Post : Famous Guide at Waterloo

Through one of Waterloo 200’s associations with the website, The Online Book Company, a fascinating story has come to light.  A lady in the United States has unearthed her ancestor as Joseph Munday who was a friend of Sergeant Cotton and took over his guiding business on the battlefield of Waterloo when Cotton died in […]

Post : Waterloo Deacon

A couple of months ago a piece in Charles Moore’s column in the Spectator raised the issue of battle names used as christian names. Alma was certainly one and is still in use, Inkerman was used too but apparently Balaclava not so. But Charles Moore mentions the story of Waterloo Deacon.   The heavily pregnant Martha Deacon […]

Post : Jane Austen and Waterloo

It is well known that Jane Austen shunned the subject of Waterloo and Napoleon which dominated society during the latter part of her life but a venturesome novelist has decided to write a novel entitled ” Jane and the Waterloo map”.  Sounds interesting but it is probably pretty doubtful stuff. However it is quite topical as […]

Post : Waterloo Messenger, The Life of Henry Percy

Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter reviews WATERLOO MESSENGER, The Life of Henry Percy by William Mahon, Published by Pen and Sword This small volume is something of a gem penetrating a very small part of the Waterloo story. Henry Percy, a scion of the Northumberland Family, was the man who brought the dramatic news of Waterloo to […]

Post : A new Waterloo film drama takes shape

A new film drama is being developed by filmmaker Blake Sporne that takes The Battle of Waterloo as the backdrop to a story that explores friendship, loyalty and family ties in times of extreme peril. ​ Developed with screenplay writer Ross Owen Williams, Producer Sporne has made a sumptuously filmed proof of concept for the new film, called […]