An historical account of the campaign in the Netherlands in 1815, under His Grace the Duke of Wellington, and Marshal Prince Blücher.

This high quality book was written by the writer, essayist and journalist William Mudford (1782-1848) and published by Henry Colburn in 1817.

The text covers the Waterloo campaign, focussing on the Battles of Ligny, Quatre Bras and Waterloo. Various officers who were at the battles were consulted and there are also detailed narratives of the political events and the continued issues leading to the surrender at Paris and the journey that Napoleon Bonaparte took in captivity to St Helena.

The imposing feature of this publication is the illustrative data. A fine frontispiece, folding out map and 29 scenes were executed by George Cruickshank and two others named Rouse and Hamilton.

The following is the list of scenes painted after Waterloo:

Frontis: Portraits of the General Officers at the Battle.
1. Decorative title page
2. Folding out plate of the Battle of Waterloo
3. Folding out maps of the Battles of Ligny, Quatre Bras and Waterloo
4. Flight of Bonaparte from Waterloo
5. Brussels
6. Entrance to the Forest of Soigne
7. Approach to the village of Waterloo, with the St Joseph Chapel distant
8. St Joseph’s Chapel at Waterloo
9. Interior of chapel
10. Headquarters of the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo
11. Part of the Forest of Soigne
12. Village of Mont St Jean
13. Farm of Mont St Jean
14. View of the cottage of Valette and road to Frischermont
15. Chateau Frischermont
16. Farm of La Haye Sainte
17. Frontal view of La Haye Sainte
18. La Belle Alliance – centre of the French position
19. A view of La Belle Alliance
20. Another view of La Belle Alliance
21. Hougoumont – view of the woods
22. Burial ground at Hougoumont
23. Interior view of burned-out Hougoumont
24. Observatory
25. Village of Genappe
26. Castle at Ligny
27. Les Quatre Bras
28. Ruins of the Village of Ligny.